Lesson 5: Do not follow your heart 100%.

If you have a bad instinct bout other people, don't say it out loud even people ask for your opinion. Just keep it to yourself cause not everybody can accept it even though you're just trying to be honest bout it. They can twist your word and use it against you. Note that. 


Lesson 4: You just can't trust everybody.

You can't trust everybody in your life. Some people are so good with the mask on their face to hide their true color. Be careful and make your trust hard to get so people will appreciate it more.

Lesson 3: Life is not a drama.

No need to create drama or over react bout problems that you've had. Stop repeating the same stories for million dozen times. People getting bored and sick to hear your lame stories. I've learned my lesson bout this one. so again, note that.

Lesson 2: Be a REAL friend.

If you're absent during my struggle, don't expect to be present during my success. Note that.

Lesson 1: Do not cross the line.

I might look nice and polite but dont you ever try to see my dark side cause you wont like it. I can be the nicest person you ever met, and yet I can be the evil and bad person in your life. Note that.